Through identifying, developing and optimizing the natural talents of every employee, team and leader, Jennie J. Consulting offers organizational development, coaching and training that results in a positive impact on the bottom line and the ongoing career development of every employee.


I value the journey that leads to ….

  • Connection
    I value linking each employee to the mission and core values of the organization.

  • Integrity
    I value being known as an honest, trustworthy, bridge builder.

  • Partnership
    I value teams that accomplish more than any single individual because they optimize the talent, skill, knowledge and unique personality of every member.

  • Quality
    I value excellence and see it as a product of focused passion.

  • Transformation
    I value the energy, sense of accomplishment and hope that are a result of successfully facing and overcoming obstacles and challenges.

  • Wisdom
    I value the learning, discovery and experience that create the expertise needed to make wise decisions.