Organizational and Leadership Basics for Today and Tomorrow

Course Overview:
Are you doing business the “old” way in a new age? Has the rapid rise of technology changed your business yet? If it hasn’t, it will. To be a thriving business five years from today, how you lead others and how you structure your company will need to change 100%. Knowing which changes to make and how to make them can be overwhelming. There are over 600 definitions of an effective “leader” currently published as well as multiple perspectives on how to structure a successful business. So where do you begin? How do you do the job that needs to be done today and find the time to research what the experts say you need to do next? No worries…

The research and the expert opinions have been compiled for you. In this course, you will learn the common themes found in the definitions of great leaders today, you will learn the three critical components of your job and you will learn what the organization of the future will need to look like if it is going to succeed. You will also compare and contrast the organization of the past, the present and tomorrow to gauge where your company is in the transition process.  The terminology and models established in this course will be referred to and built on throughout the entire Developing Leaders that Impact the Bottom Line training program. 

Course objectives:

  • Define “leader” and “manager”
  • Understand the evolution of business
  • Learn the three components of the leader’s job