Leading Through Change

Course Overview:
The job you do today will change 100% within the next three years. To keep up with it, you must manage it.

There are two aspects of managing change effectively. The first is technical. It includes identifying and implementing a specific change: a move, expansion, downsizing, new equipment, a new leader or new processes. Leaders tend to focus most of their time and energy here. The problem is that implementation is only 20% of the process.

The other 80% of the process is the way the leader manages the human reaction to the change. "Get over it," and, "that's life," don't help employees deal with fear, confusion and uncertainty. Change is an act of the imagination. Engage the imagination and even the most difficult changes become manageable.

Participants of this course will learn the predictable phases of the change process. They will learn to engage the imagination of their employees and move through each phase of change in a way that increases employee motivation and trust, resulting in increased productivity and a successful transition.

The course includes the following:

  • History of change
  • Assessing your ability you manage change
  • Assessing the employee's readiness for change
  • The change cycle: the ending, the neutral zone, the beginning