Discover Your Leadership Style

Course Overview:
How do you leverage your personal leadership style? For centuries, philosophers, psychologists and whole cultures have understood that there are basic personality preferences inherent in each individual. These preferences are the core of your leadership style. They determine your inclination for working independently in a quiet office or in a cubicle, surrounded by your employees, brainstorming solutions to problems that arise. They determine the tendency to micromanage or paint a broad brush of your expectations when delegating tasks. They determine whether you motivate and discipline based on what is best for the company or for the people in the company and they determine your comfort level with deadlines. Do you want work done ahead of time or do you enjoy the last minute push?

In this course, you will identify your personality type, compare and contrast it with others through interactive exercises and analyze how your personality affects the way you communicate with and lead others.  You will learn that there is no "right" or "wrong" leadership style, just differences that if used effectively will enhance your success as a leader.

Course Objectives:

  • Take the Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Discover the keys to your unique personality
  • Confirm your personality type
  • Analyze your leadership style