Emotional Intelligence On the Job

Course Overview:
Were you taught that emotions have no place at work and that IQ is the key to success in business? Massive research on the brain in the last decade has revealed staggering results; our teachers were wrong! We know now, that it is impossible to turn a piece of your brain off at work. You canít leave your emotions at home. We also know that instead of one type of intelligence, we have at least nine and the intelligence most needed to succeed in business today is EQ, not IQ. EQ is emotional intelligence. It is the ability to manage emotions on the job and it is twice as important in determining a person's success in business as IQ and technical ability combined. Ninety percent of the most successful CEO's today have high emotional intelligence.  

If it is impossible to leave your emotions at home, and if EQ is the key to personal success in business, it is time to learn how to integrate them successfully on the job! In this course, you will discover your mistaken beliefs regarding emotions. You will learn how emotions are created and you will learn to spot emotions that will sabotage your career and develop techniques to prevent and/or resolve unwanted emotions in a way that sets you and your employees up for success.

Course objectives:

  • Learn the mistaken beliefs regarding emotions
  • Understand the role of perception in communication
  • Prevent unwanted emotions
  • Resolve negative unwanted emotions