Developing Leaders that Impact the Bottom Line
A Leadership Training Program

As a leader, do you ever ask, “How do I find, train and develop employees that will impact the bottom line?”  “How much time should I spend managing and how much time should I spend keeping up to date in my field of expertise?” “How do I stop poor performance?” “ Should I build personal relationships with my employees?” “Will I ever have employees that will perform at their peak?” “How can I go on vacation without worrying about what is going on when I am not at work?” The answers to these questions and to many others are within your reach.

Based on the research of experts and hands-on experience in coaching and training leaders at the peak of success and in the depths of discouragement, the Developing Leaders Training Program goes far beyond answering the questions above. It is strategically designed to provide you with a complete understanding of the knowledge and skills required of great leaders and successful organizations. Because the most effective leadership training programs are behavior based, you will not only learn what you need to know, you will assess and practice the key skills you need to positively impact the bottom line in a safe learning environment.

In Series #1 – Laying the Foundation, you will focus on becoming the leader your employees need to perform at their peek. In Series #2 – Impact the Bottom Line One Employee at a Time, you will change your focus. You will learn to analyze employee performance and redirect it in a way that stimulates the greatest energy, enthusiasm and productivity possible. You will learn to create a three-dimensional win – productive and satisfied employees, a measurable impact on the bottom line and the ability to go on vacation worry free. It is possible!


Series #1, Laying the Foundation

Series #1 - Laying the Foundation focuses on you, the leader. It is designed to resemble the frame of a puzzle. Each course is strategically linked to the next and piece, by piece, you will learn, assess and practice the core skills needed to be a successful leader in today’s constantly changing business climate. You will customize the outline of your personal puzzle based on the needs of your business and your unique leadership style and strengths.

Series #1 Courses:

Series #2 - Impact the Bottom Line One Employee at a Time

With the frame of the puzzle in place, you will fill in the remaining pieces as you learn to motivate, delegate, develop and strategically place employees in a way that satisfies the career goals of each individual employee, frees you to focus on departmental or company goals and creates a measurable impact on the bottom line.

Series #2 Course Options: