Interviewing, Knowing What You Need

Course Overview:
Employees are the key to productivity, quality and customer satisfaction. Ultimately, they determine the financial success of a company. The employer is key to employee satisfaction and career growth. Ignoring either of these "keys" is a sure plan for failure.

Building a business that creates a win/win situation starts with knowing what you are looking for during the interview process. It is that simple, but it isn't easy.

In this course you will learn the difference between skills, knowledge and talent. You will learn to identify what you need in a new employee and you will learn to create interview questions that will reveal the perfect applicant: one who will grow your business, be energized by the job and the career growth that you as an employer can provide.

The course includes the following:

  • Understand how much of a person you can change
  • Identify the differences between skills, knowledge and talent
  • Determine which job duties can be taught and which ones can't be
  • Create questions that will reveal an applicant's or employee's natural talents