Measuring Your Effectiveness as a Leader

Course Overview:
Why would anyone want to be led by you? Are you hesitating? Most of us do. Peter Drucker puts it simply, "Without followers, there can be no leaders." In addition to the expert opinion of Peter Drucker, research of one million employees over the last 25 years has proven that profitable companies are the result of willing followers. Also known as fully engaged employees, willing followers are the result of great leaders who know how to manage people.

In this course, you will learn what great people managers do. You will answer the question, Why would anyone want to be led by you?, by assessing your current effectiveness in four critical skills using an employee survey. Once you identify your strengths and challenges in these four skills, you will create a manageable action plan that will continue the process of turning you into an effective manager who has fully engaged, willing followers that are impacting the bottom line.

Course objectives:

  • Understand the measurements that impact the bottom line

  • Assess your skills as a manager

  • Create an action plan

  • Learn the role of trust in taking surveys