Standards, Goals & Measuring Success

Course Overview:
Have you ever worked for a boss whose definition of success was a moving target? Just when you thought you were close to the bulls eye, the expectations changed. Why? It is possible that the expectations were not measurable, anchored or connected to something solid. Now that you are managing others, how do you define success for your employees? Does the target change? How do your employees know they have met your expectations? 

Setting expectations that are clear and understood by both parties is not an easy task. In this course, you will learn to create measurable standards and goals and you will learn to anchor them to the company mission and values, establishing a bulls eye that doesn’t change. 

Course objectives:

  • Define the elements of the system

  • Define the right outcomes

  • Create goals that are anchored to the mission

  • Create standards for employee performance 

  • Analyze job performance

Customer may opt to add creating a mission and values statement to this course.