- Manufacturing Manager, Callaway Golf
The Team Building Training and Myers Briggs Assessment that Jennie provided for the managers has been a great tool to help us understand each other's strengths and weaknesses and allowed us to work together. I really like Jennie's style and the way she keeps the class entertaining and dynamic. Great teacher!

-Facilities Supervisor, Callaway Golf
This training has helped. I can see the individuality in the guys (other leads and supervisors) and the guys under me. I have a better understanding of how to utilize their talents and personalities. It really helped me understand the people I work for. You see them as human beings, not just titles. I would like all my crew to attend this class.

- Facilities Supervisor, Callaway Golf
Myers Briggs has been a very helpful tool in the delegation of tasks and how I interact with all of the different personalities I work with on a daily basis.