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Jennie Jordan has provided organizational development support in corporate and non-profit environments for four years. Most notably, at Callaway Golf she assisted eight Vice Presidents and Directors in the following areas:

Facilitated the consolidation of five departments (170 employees) into a single Research and Development division.


- Senior Vice President of R&D, Callaway Golf
"Jennie has worked quite extensively, and effectively, with our R&D organization over the past twelve months. During this period, Jennie has helped us in a wide variety of organizational development areas, including the setting of an overall mission and vision for our team, discussion and clarification of the various roles and responsibilities within R&D, improvement of our communication skills, and training on management and leadership skills. She helped us implement our first-ever, department-wide employee attitudes survey and worked with our various leaders to develop and implement action plans to improve performance in critical areas. Jennie has also been a very effective advisor for me on organization matters, and I greatly appreciate her insight and suggestions on how to make our R&D organization an even more effective team. I know that Jennie's services are valuable throughout the company, and we are grateful for the amount of time that she is able to dedicate to R&D. She is a tremendous asset for Callaway Golf and we would be very fortunate to have more people in our Company with her skills, dedication and attitude."

Reduction in Force
Facilitated the consolidation of two departments into a single Facilities group after a reduction in force of 150 to 50 and the promotion of a manager with no previous experience. Six months of weekly sessions resulted in prioritized services, new vendors to reduce costs, standardized policies and procedures and educating customers regarding new processes. Retained 14 of 15 leaders and all line staff for a year.


- Vice President of Operations, Callaway Golf
"The group gained a tremendous amount of comradery and trust for each other and their management as a result of the training and consulting. I am confident that we were able to address all 21 goals. Additionally, we made a significant breakthrough in identifying and resolving some very deep-rooted personal issues that were holding back the entire group. I want to thank you for your extreme professionalism and patience during this entire process."

- Facilities Manager, Callaway Golf
"In the past five months I have learned that we have a group of people who are very diverse. Not only do people not think alike, they hardly think the way I do! I have to appreciate this and use this as a growing tool for our department. Giving each individual the opportunity to flourish is my job! Providing them the tools is also my job. I thank Jennie for all of her help, encouragement, and guidance and at times, a shoulder to cry on . . . keep up the great work."

Creation and Launch of a Company Wide Budgeting Process
Partnered with the Chief Financial Officer, the Company Controller and the Director of Finance to create, train and implement a company-wide budgeting process that included standardized policies and procedures, updated forms, the creation of a budget hotline, and monthly newsletter.


- Controller, Callaway Golf
"I want to take the opportunity to commend Jennie Jordan for her efforts surround the 2001 budget training. While I certainly enjoyed working with Jennie and found her to be thoroughly professional in her work, that was probably not her most significant contribution.

Jennie recognized that some of the modules of the training course were not properly developed, putting the effectiveness of the course in jeopardy. Rather than let the project fail, she made the appropriate and difficult decision to raise the issue at whatever level was necessary. That decision came with awkward and candid conversations. It was the right thing to do though. At all times, she maintained exceptional professionalism and sensitivity. In the end, the entire group agreed that Jennie's evaluations had been right and that the project was much more successful because of her willingness to address the issues head on.

In my experience, I have seen others simply put their hands up and blame someone else if the project failed. Jennie did not do that. She was a team player and even after the project was over, ensured that all of the relationships were intact."