Creating a Mission and Values Statement

Course Overview:
Have you ever asked a group of people to close their eyes and to point north? When they open their eyes, everyone laughs because they are all pointing different directions. As an exercise, this is funny. In business, it is devastating. Do you ever feel like your employees are pointing to different north?

The first task of the leader is to provide a destination, directions and clear expectations on how to get there. In the wilderness, a compass provides a clear north. It not only helps you get to your destination more efficiently, it provides direction when you get lost.

In this course, you will create a company or departmental compass: the mission and values statement. It will contain a picture of the ideal future, it will state what the company produces and why and it will outline a set of core beliefs that will guide behavior. You will then create a plan to communicate the mission and values and to teach your employees how to use it, ultimately freeing you to plan the future, while they take care of today without getting lostů
and if they do, they have a compass to refer to!

Course Objectives:

  • Create a vision statement
  • Create a mission statement
  • Create a values statement